Tours in Naxos

While in Naxos, there are but two kinds of local tours to consider; Village Tours and Food Tours that will really give you a comprehensive understanding of what makes Naxos one of the most authentic Cycladic islands you have ever visited.

7 villages tour

For the adventurers among you, there are a handful of village tours to consider during your holiday in Naxos. The seven villages Naxos walking tour is the most comprehensive village tour you can take in Naxos. To cover 7 villages, you’ll have to walk between 4 and 5 hours, but do not be hindered, there are plenty of stops and the walking will work up your appetite. Driving from Naxos town, your tour begins at Kurunochori to Miloi village, passing by one Kouros statue at Flerio and the second one at Faraghi close to Ano- Mesi- Kato Potamia. You will traverse through a stream and walk through olive groves in order to visit the winery and a hidden jesuit monastery in Kalamitsi before taking a well deserved break for a traditional meal in a taverna in Melanes village. Return to Naxos town and call it a day well spent!


Food Tours

Shout out to the foodies, who seek to discover a destination through its local flavours. There is only so much food you can try being out and about while on a holiday, however, those who love good food and agree with Hippocrates’ quote “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, should definitely combine tours that have food as their central axis. In the case of Naxos, there are boutique food companies that have done an excellent job of showcasing local food in a way that hits home. Foodie experience extraordinaire, choose one of the predetermined food tour itineraries that even include one specifically designed to appeal to kids, as well as an evening tour which more resembles a night out, for sampling the local alcoholic drinks. Alternatively, they can create a customized tour just for you upon request, depending on your preferences.