About Us

A rewarding journey to Greece starts with one simple word, kalimera. As you set your foot on the land which has been for centuries walked on by the world’s greatest philosophers, artists and creators — you are welcomed by a once in a lifetime experience. A simple good morning or good day is your key to an enriching encounter, a start of a great story and a friendship which will be cherished for years to come.

Greece is a country of many contrasts, the land of poignant stories, captivating myths and wonderful people — where strangers instantly become friends. A country which thrives on authenticity and genuine hospitality. A land where less is more.

Kalimera12, is a project initiated by Sika Hellas ABEE which was started with the sole purpose of highlighting Greece’s vast portfolio of extraordinary undiscovered experiences and our commitment to ensuring a sustainable future for Greece and for the Greek tourism industry. We made a promise to ourselves to showcase to our guests something genuinely rare and unique. We want to take you – our readers and friends – on lifetime adventures which will purify your mind, cleanse your body and feed your soul while respecting and preserving the gifts of Mother Gaia.

As part of our commitment to sustainable and responsible travel, on this website we focus on presenting lesser known destinations in Greece. Our goal is to support the local economy and to inspire visitors and friends of Greece to seek alternative travel routes. To find their sense of adventure by embarking on mindful trips with great respect to the environment and local communities.

Together we can create a new dimension of responsible travel, which is beneficial to the visitor and the local community. Kalimera!