Athens: Where Eras Intertwine

Athens city. A destination for those who yearn for a glimpse into an ancient past. To be taken back centuries by walking on the same cobblestone streets as the great philosophers, whose wisdom has echoed throughout history. The birthplace of democracy and the cradle of civilization, intertwined with a contemporary, raw, urban side that is utterly fascinating. The Athens of today pays homage to its ancient heritage as well as being an artistic, hip city that is constantly in a state of existential restlessness. Visuals of past and present effortlessly interchange displaying intriguing contradictions, it is a modern mecca for those who seek inspiration, and that feeling of awe and humility when witnessing the Acropolis up close for the first time; for savouring the flavours, aromas and experiences that make it so magnificently unique. The colourful neighbourhoods, the local way of life, the habits, the warm-heartedness of a random ‘Kalimera’ or its more refined side with luxurious venues, fine dining, sophisticated bars and galleries and the performing arts, Athens city is an absolute enchantress where the flame of life burns bright.

“Athens, the eye of Greece, mother of arts and eloquence”

– John Milton

12 Facts You Didn’t Know about Athens

Greek traditional things to try while out & about:

Greece has a big coffee culture typically enjoyed in the morning and/or in the afternoon. The ‘ellinikos’ Greek coffee is a special kind of thick coffee, brewed to a moreish, velvety consistency to be enjoyed piping hot. If you want to try an iced coffee, ask for a frapé or freddo espresso instead. When ordering any kind of coffee in Greece, they will ask you about how sweet you want it to be, so ‘metrios’ is a medium sweetness, ‘glikos’ for sweet or ‘sketos’ for no sugar. Greek coffee doesn’t take any milk, but you can add it in the iced frapé or opt for a freddo cappuccino instead that is prepared with milk froth on the top.