Popular Greek Destinations


Where Eras Intertwine

Athens city. A destination for those who yearn for a glimpse into an ancient past. To be taken back centuries by walking on the same cobblestone streets as the great philosophers, whose wisdom has echoed throughout history. The birthplace of democracy and the cradle of civilization, intertwined with a contemporary, raw, urban side that is utterly fascinating.


Thriving Urban Life

Thessaloniki, holding the shimmering bay of Thermaikos in its embrace, exudes an effortless urban confidence. “This was never a village,” say the locals with relaxed pride. They’re right; since its founding by Cassander in 315 BC, Thessaloniki has known 23 centuries of thriving urban life.


Bold, brave and beautiful

Crete is not only Greece’s largest island – it is a culture unto itself. Proudly Greek, Crete has distilled both the character and the beauty of Greece to the elemental essentials. The landscape is by turns both unbelievably lush and thrillingly rugged, and the coastline is dotted with enchanting cosmopolitan beaches and hidden rocky coves.

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