12 Hour trips around Lemnos

Visit the islet of Agios Efstratios

About 30 km southwest of Lemnos lies the elusive little island of Agios Efstratios or Ai Stratis as known by the locals. If you are considering a holiday in Lemnos, chances are you attracted to the tranquility of this off-the-beaten-track destination, and a day trip to Agios Efstratios will amplify that.

With only 250 inhabitants, this peaceful place will definitely enchant you. From the enthusiasm of the locals, to their willingness in making conversation, telling you about the attractions of their home; the volcanic grey beach, the sea caves, the steep cliffs. We would also add the local cheese makers who still produce artisanal cheese in the local, traditional way, as well as trying the local lobster dishes at one of the seafront taverns.

Ai Stratis is a wonderful option for a day trip from Lemnos. It is potentially too simplistic and too rudimentary to spend a week-long holiday there, however, it is the ideal choice for a day trip from the closest neighboring island. Don’t miss the opportunity to further explore the most authentic little nooks in the north Aegean.

Agios Efstratios