Sightseeing in Lemnos

The island of Lemnos will reveal a hidden corner of the northern part of the Aegean sea that will introduce visitors to a refreshingly different side of Greece. Incredibly varied, the island of Lemnos boasts a mixture of historic and archaeological sites that will fill your souls with feelings of awe for the bygone times.

Byzantine Castle of Myrina

The island of Lemnos is home to one of the biggest Byzantine castles in all the Aegean. The 13th century Venetian fortress is built atop a hill and although the hike may be a bit strenuous, it occupies an incredible vantage point and commands incredible views of the sea and bay below. Apart from the admirable view, you can also see the remains of a Turkish mosque while deer sightings are not uncommon.


One of the most ancient settlements in the whole of Europe can be found on the island of Lemnos. Located on the eastern coast, the foundations of many households are still very much apparent, built in an atypical way almost as if they shared walls. They date back to the Chalcolithic (Copper) era that predates the Bronze era, and it is interesting how the remains appear so well in tact given their age.

Ancient theater of Hephaestia

The island of Lemnos has its own ancient theatre at the site of Hephaestia, near the town of Kontopouli. Built in honour of god Hephaestus, it constitutes an important place to visit both for its archaeological findings as well as for its spiritual significance since it further features the remains of a sanctuary, a palace, a residential settlement, a cemetery, baths and some ancient statues in addition to the Hellenistic theatre.

Archeological museum of Lemnos

In Myrina, the island of Lemnos capital town, you will find the local Archeological museum that houses a collection of interesting artefacts pertaining to all the ancient sites of the island. Here you can take the time to learn about Lemnos’ history, all the way from the Copper era to the Medieval time period.

Culture & Art

Myrina village

Getting to grips with the local culture on the island of Lemnos starts at Myrina, the capital village of the island of Lemnos. Built in between two bays, Romeikos Gialos and Tourkikos Gialos, the former of which is dotted with neo classical buildings along the coastal road, adds a wonderful note to the town’s architecture. You will find a colourful local market there as well as a myriad of cafes, tavernas, bars and shops on this road, that will allow you to really absorb the refreshing aura of this seaside town that offers you plenty of things to do. Tourkikos Gialos is a picturesque harbour with quaint little fishing boats while between the two bays, like an imposing bastion of the town, stands the Myrina Castle.

Kontias village

One of the best preserved villages on the island of Lemnos is Kontias. Traditional and alluringly rural, Kontias village is almost exclusively paved in cobblestone, and with only about 600 villagers, it is where the authentic local way of life can be best observed. It boasts many renovated stone houses and restored original windmills that can attest to genuine Lemnian architecture. Windmills played a significant role in the local economy and livelihoods of the populace, being used to grind grain, today they have become a trademark of the island. There you will also find the local ouzo distillery.

Church of Panagia Kakaviotissa

Your visit to the island of Lemnos is not complete without seeing the Church of Kakaviotissa, a roofless, little chapel set on a cavity within a cave on Kakavos hill. You can reach the chapel within a 20 minute hike up a dirt road while the nearest village to this attraction is that of Thanos. The site will impress you with its sublime simplicity, and the location will flood you with emotion as it would appear that this spot is truly a sacred one. Used by monks and hermits since it was built back in the 1400’s, the Church of Panagia Kakaviotissa is hidden cultural and historical treasure on the island of Lemnos that generously conveys harmonious alignment between faith and divinity.

Natural Beauty

The ecosystems that can be observed in Lemnos are quite astounding. The island of Lemnos is rich in biodiversity, more so than any other island in its regional unit. It is brimming with peculiar natural characteristics, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and landscape explorers who are intrigued in discovering the fascinating local flora and fauna that make it so unique.

Sand dunes of Lemnos

Known to the locals as Ammothines or Pachies Ammous, the sand dunes found on the island of Lemnos are known as the Greek desert. Found near the Katalakkos area, the vast stretches of sand are not associated with any current beach, since the closest beach is about 2,5 km away. Brought about from years of erosion, this natural spectacle attests to the presence of sea in the area during the Paleolithic era. White lilies grow wild all around while you will also come across the occasional rabbit or partridge during your visit to this particularly fascinating Natura 2000 protected site.

Salt lake of Lemnos

Near Kontopouli, the Aliki salt lake of Lemnos is home to many interesting wild bird species, even the mystical pink flamingos. Considered the largest of its kind in all of Greece, it remains in peak condition, entirely unspoiled and pristine. Also protected by the Natura 2000 agreement, together with the wetland of Chortarolimni are top locations on the island of Lemnos for bird watching while respecting and admiring the undisturbed natural environment.

Rock formations of Lemnos

Faraklo is found on the north of the island of Lemnos, on a cape where some volcanic rock formations are discerned, scattered along the rugged coastline. These rock formations that come in bizarre shapes and all sizes, are known as ‘farakla’ & ‘fragokefala’. They are actually rocks of frozen lava from an extinct volcano that crystallized when coming into contact with sea water. They are on a mythological level linked to ancient God Hephaestus who fell from Mount Olympus after his father Zeus hurled him over. Today, the wondrous seaside area resembles an extraterrestrial landscape that provides sensationally strange visuals to admire.


The island of Lemnos has a couple of waterfalls to show for as well, in its ever so unique combination of natural diversity. On the western side of the island, near the beach of Agios Ioannis, are two waterfalls called Ragavas and “Hanging waters”. The subterranean torrent of Kaspaka gushes the stream that plunges down into these waterfalls that cascade down 15 meters.

Lemnos Beaches

Lemnos beaches are some of the most lovely in the north Aegean. The waters are crystal clear and the seabed is full of life. While some Lemnos beaches bring winds that can be harnessed into aquatic adrenaline, others exude an exhilarating sea breeze and the sound of the gently lapping waves to calm your soul. Lemnos beaches can offer both moments of seaside serenity, intensely thrilling moments as well as family beach time, surrounded by amenities.


Only 2 km southbound from Myrina, Plati beach is one of the best organised, sandy, family-friendly Lemnos beaches, and has plenty of food & beverage amenities as well as water sports facilities.


Another wonderful choice for families visiting Lemnos, is the sandy beach of Avlonas only 4 km north of Myrina. An organised beach, it offers beachside comforts such as sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as a plethora of watersports, tavernas and shops.


Gomati beach is 20 km north of Myrina, close to the site of Ammothines. It features a peculiar morphology which is why nature enthusiasts particularly love this one. It is of course sandy and unorganised, while keep in mind that no amenities are offered here.


Wind surfers and Kite surfers flock to Keros beach each year to experience the ultimate surfing beach in the north of Greece. Located about 32 km towards the north east of the town of Myrina, this large beach that has thick soft sand, experiences strong winds that water sports enthusiasts can’t wait to harness.

Agios Ermolaos

The utterly secluded beach of Agios Ermolaos is perfect for those who want to find a tranquil little bay and just experience a pristine little beach, without any disturbance, just the way it was intended. Agios Ermolaos beach is 27 km north east of Myrina and bringing your refreshments is recommended.

Activities & Experiences

Things to do in Lemnos are many. The incredibly diverse nature of the island makes it a Mediterranean playground for many groups of people. The nature lovers; the water sports enthusiasts; families seeking a low key place to reinforce their bonds; the foodies that want to discover every bit of the local culture one bite at a time; the artistic personalities in search of a place of inspiration; the couples who want to leave the rest of the world behind; the solo traveller who is confident in exploring alone; or groups of friends who want a holiday that has more meaningful moments than just a few party nights. Things to do in Lemnos are in fact endless, depending on travellers’ preferences. However, here are the top activity & experience things to do in Lemnos, as generously offered by the natural advantage of its landscape morphology and the rich local culture that visitors can become a part of.

Windsurfing, kite surfing & other watersports

One of the top things to do in Lemnos is definitely taking to its windswept beaches and waxing your boards up, because the swell is indeed, swell. Keros bay of course is the top spot for kite surfing, wind surfing as well as many other kinds of watersports. It’s long shape allows for 7 water sports centers where you can rent equipment and book some lessons. Kotsinas beach is another great spot for surfing, is not that widely known too, so there surfers and kiters can have a more peaceful surfing experience than at Keros beach.

Bird watching

The aforementioned protected natural parks of Ammothines and Aliki Lake are the homeland of many species of birds. The island is treated as a welcoming resting stop for various types of migrating birds, which makes bird watching another one of the top things to do in Lemnos. The show stopper at Aliki Lake is none other than the majestic pink flamingo, which is perhaps the most enchanting to watch in its natural habitat, as well as another 29 or so endemic and migratory species that stay a while on the island’s natural sanctuary and other wetlands found around Lemnos.

Horseback riding

One of the most enjoyable activities of things to do in Lemnos that requires minimal effort on your part, is horse riding. This way you can both discover the incredible landscapes, mountains, valleys, orchards and beaches while riding, which can be done according to your skill level. Beginners and intermediate riders are best suited to this kind of activity, as you can go for a slow pace saunter on horseback, or try a bit of a trot if you feel comfortable. Horses have the advantage of taking routes that would not be accessible by foot or any other means, while there is something quite fulfilling to be in nature mounted on such noble creatures whose energy has been known to be therapeutic, both calming and exhilarating at the same time.


Getting to grips with the Lemnian’s deep connection with nature can be revealed by taking one of the Lemnos thematic hiking tours. Each one has been designed to unravel the fascinating link between local island life and the elements of nature. The mysteries of water, the bountiful land and the rich ecosystems provide the themes of the hiking itineraries, while the guide will also give you interesting information about each site you pass. If you are up for a Lemnian walking adventure packed with local insight, try one of the top things to do in Lemnos with these hiking and trekking trails and get to know the island much better than before your hike.


The island of Lemnos has a strong ceramics culture since the ancient times, brought about by the natural advantage of a remarkable kind of clay called Terra Lemnia. A great family experience is to visit a traditional Lemnian ceramist, at her pottery workshop, who will not only teach you the local ceramics tricks of the trade but also inform you of the multifaceted properties of the local clay that has been known for its medicinal benefits for centuries.


Exploring the local cuisine is definitely one of the top things to do in Lemnos. From households to tavernas and restaurants, in Lemnos you can expect wholesome flavours that have deep roots in the local way of life that span many, many decades. Whether you decide to make a day of it by touring the local gastronomy with a guide or prefer to simply sample the cuisine by visiting any of the top recommended tavernas and restaurants you will find in the Food & Wine section, dining in Lemnos will always be about the heartfelt, hospitable welcome of patrons and the infallible taste of local recipes that will amplify your appreciation of the destination.

Food is an integral part of the local culture, one that you can learn yourselves during your stay in Lemnos, and practice back home to treat your friends and family.  Join a genuine Lemian cooking class to learnin the secrets of the delectable Lemnian cuisine, with a local cook who will welcome you and teach you in her home. Alternatively, opt for a sunset picnic experience with your company, enjoying the scenery and local delicacies while you spend a wonderful evening.