Food & Wine in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki manages to have an entirely Greek soul … but with some exotic eastern spice. After nearly 500 years of Ottoman rule, and then a great influx of Greek refugees from Asia Minor, Thessaloniki’s food is some of the zestiest and most complex in Greece. It’s very hard to have a bad meal here, and easy to have a fantastic one. Oenophiles too will find Thessaloniki rewarding; we are at the gates to the wine roads of Macedonia – acres of vineyards and boutique wineries waiting to welcome you into the world of fine Greek wines.

Ktima Gerovassiliou

Enjoy food and wine both at Ktima Gerovassiliou. The Ktima offers a curated and complete wine experience. You start with a look at the vineyards and a tour of the wine-making facilities, as at most vineyards. But at Gerovassiliou, your continue your experience at the wine museum- a serious museum that includes ancient artifacts, wine making tools, and one of the largest and finest collections of corkscrews in the world. The role of wine in our lives is a story beautifully told. Then enjoy works from the most prominent contemporary Greek sculptors, set among the vineyards. Finish with a tasting in the gorgeous visitor’s center, along with wine-friendly dishes that change to reflect the seasons, where you will also see more of the finest in contemporary Greek art. This is an excellent destination for history, culture, and gastronomy as well as the culture of the vine.

Thessaloniki’s Fine Dining Scene

Thessaloniki is an excellent fine dining destination. Chefs love the proximity to top local ingredients and specialty food stuffs such as mushrooms, truffles, and first-quality fresh-caught fish. And locals dine out frequently and appreciate a fine and festive meal.  For a complete, expertly curated dining experience, you will find several exceptional restaurants right in the heart of the city.

Meze in the Ladadika

An evening of meze – the Greek version of Tapas – is a time-honored ritual in Thessaloniki. Alternating bites from shared plates that cover the table, sips of hearty wine or shots of tsipouro, and plenty of conversation is an essential cultural experience. For a casual and fun evening that expresses Thessaloniki’s culinary soul, visit the lovely – and very lively – Ladadika neighborhood, just steps from the harbor. The cobblestone streets are lined with excellent “Mezedopoleia” – places specializing in Meze – as well as lively bars. All are charmingly housed in converted old buildings full of character.  There is a host of many charming Meze places in the neighborhood, with tables pouring out onto the sidewalks (heated in cooler weather), especially along Katouni street. Stroll and see which catches your eye.

Cocktail Hour

Thessaloniki also has an excellent cocktail scene. The neighborhood of the moment is definitely the area around the “Plateia Emboreiou” (Commercial Square) – otherwise called the “Ano Ladadika” because it is above the Ladadika – on the upper side of Tsimiski Street. The awarded mixologists, use the techniques of molecular gastronomy to create magical drinks. Oenophiles will love the gorgeous wine bar with a large list, just steps from the square on Katouni.